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Wellington Botanical Society Bulletin No. 54

Wellington Botanical Society Bulletin No. 54
Wellington Botanical Society Bulletin No. 54 was distrubted to members in November 2012.   Additional copies are available for purchase for $20 for non-members in NZ, Australia and the Pacific, $US15 elsewhere.   Payments to the Tresasurer, Wellington Botanical Society, Box 10 412, Wellington 6143, New Zealand.

Bulletin No. 54 was edited by Leon Perrie, proof-read by Jill Goodwin, and formatted by Jeremy Rolfe.   It contains the following articles:
•   Editorial.   Leon Perrie.
•   A selection of Cyathea sori.   Jeremy Rolfe.
•   The use of binomial Latin-based names in botany.   Margaret A Harper.
•   Uses of some common native species – a beginner’s guide to ethnobotany.   Eleanor Burton.
•   The Mana Land and Sea BioBlitz from a diatomist’s view-point.   Margaret A Harper and John F Harper.
•   Mana Island Bryophytes at the February 2011 BioBlitz.   Rodney Lewington and Peter Beveridge.
•   Beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis) in beach drift on Ripiro Beach, Omamari Stream mouth, Northland.   Peter J de Lange.
•   Restoring Makara Foreshore Reserve – an update.   Barbara Mitcalfe and Chris Horne.
•   Propagation of New Zealand native plants.   Jill Broome.
•   More nikau in Wellington City.   Chris Horne and Barbara Mitcalfe.
•   Nikau within Wellington City – new observations 2012.   Jonathan Anderson.
•   Vegetation in Owhiro Stream catchment, Wellington South Coast: condition and prospects.   Paul Blaschke.

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Back-issues of Wellington Botanical Society Bulletins

Expand your collection of our “flagship” publication and boost BotSoc’s bank balance!   The following back issues are available:
  • 1950s: no.23, 9/50; no.30, 12/58.
  • 1960s: no.32, 12/61; no.33, 2/66; no.34, 11/67; no.36, 12/69.
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Cost $4 per issue, incl. p&p; $12 for any five issues incl. p&p.

Copies of more recent Bulletin, no.50 3/07, 52, 53, are $11 each incl. p&p, to members and other individuals, and $21 each incl. p&p, to organisations, posted within NZ.

Contact Chris Horne to confirm availability jchorne (at), phone 04 475 7025.

Please make your cheque payable to Wellington Botanical Society, PO Box 10 412, Wellington 6143.   Thank you!

Rodney Lewington, Treasurer


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